Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Arizona, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire

There have been some recent changes to AZ, MO, NV, & NH.  All these states had some minor changes to various postings.  The following is the list of changes to the posters:

Arizona Unemployment Insurance Posting - Additions include instructions and web address concerning online claim filing, addition of text concerning discrimination and GINA in last paragraph, among other text changes.

Missouri Workers' Compensation Posting - Removal/addition of some phrases and rewriting of paragraph concerning the Missouri Workers' Safety Program.

Nevada Discrimination Posting - Address updates and a few design changes.

New Hampshire Whistleblowers Posting - Minor text revisions as if a new clerk with different preferences is now in charge of the wording.

Although there were changes to the above postings, there were no law changes and therefore are deemed minor and not mandatory.  Missouri is a more particular state regarding citations/fines so you may consider updating your Missouri Labor Law Poster.

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