Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What if a name is wrong on my poster?

We commonly have people calling and saying the commissioner or deputy or some other public official has changed and their poster they just received is not correct.  This was the case recently when someone in Georgia noted that the commissioner is no longer Mark Butler, but Michael L Thurmond.  The Equal Pay for Equal Work Act still reflects Mark Butler as the Commissioner.  The Vacation Unemployment Insurance is Not Payable posting reflects the correct Commissioner Michael L Thurmond.  It is common for the public officials to change, but the postings to not be updated for quite some time.  National Safety Compliance continues to monitor these changes to ensure we reflect the change in our poster as soon as the government agency makes the change to their posting.

Please also remember that this would not be a law change and therefore deemed as a minor change.  These types of changes would not mandate you to update your postings.