Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Labor Law Posters Available

Now that we are almost halfway through January 2014, all employers should ensure they have all the required postings.  National Safety Compliance provide a set of posters, 1 state labor law poster laminated + 1 federal labor law poster laminated, for a very affordable price of $21.90.  They also have available subscription plans to ensure you remain up-to-date automatically.  All state posters have been released for 2014, except Louisiana.  Every year Louisiana releases their new EIC posting at the end of January.  Keep in mind that 18 states had Major/Mandatory changes to their poster:

Arizona - Minimum Wage
California - Discrimination & Harassment in Employment
Colorado - Minimum Wage
Connecticut - Minimum Wage
Florida - Minimum Wage
Hawaii - Breastfeeding in the Workplace (new posting)
Louisiana - Earned Income Credit
Massachusetts - Fair Employment/Discrimination
Missouri - Minimum Wage
Montana - Minimum Wage
New Jersey - Minimum Wage
New York - Minimum Wage
North Carolina - Unemployment Insurance
Ohio - Minimum Wage
Oregon - Minimum Wage
Rhode Island - Minimum Wage
Vermont - Minimum Wage
Washington - Minimum Wage

There were also some Major/Mandatory changes made to the Federal poster and 4 other states since January 1, 2013:

Federal - FMLA in February
Kansas - Workers' Compensation in April
Maryland - 2 New Postings required in October
Michigan - MI OSHA changed in March
Texas - Workers' Compensation in September

To ensure you are meeting all state and federal posting requirements, visit us online at www.laborlawposter.us