Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Major Changes List for 2014

The Federal poster has no changes for 2014, but many states do.  There are a total of 17 states that have major/mandatory change(s) to their posting requirements:

Arizona - Minimum Wage
California - Discrimination & Harassment in Employment
Connecticut - Minimum Wage
Florida - Minimum Wage
Hawaii - Breastfeeding in the Workplace (new posting)
Louisiana - Earned Income Credit
Massachusetts - Fair Employment/Discrimination
Missouri - Minimum Wage
Montana - Minimum Wage
New Jersey - Minimum Wage
New York - Minimum Wage
North Carolina - Unemployment Insurance
Ohio - Minimum Wage
Oregon - Minimum Wage
Rhode Island - Minimum Wage
Vermont - Minimum Wage
Washington - Minimum Wage

To ensure you have the required postings for 2014 you may preorder your 2014 State and Federal Labor Law Posters.