Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Labor Law Posters On Hold

In just a couple days National Safety Compliance will be placing their labor law posters on hold.  Every year on November 15th, they place the posters on hold to ensure anyone ordering will receive the new year's labor law posters. If you are needing a poster immediately, they will have a web page that has the current 2013 version of these posters.

Also, Louisiana has been added to the Major change list of posters.  The Louisiana Earned Income Credit posting is expected to change for 2014.  As most years, this posting is expected to be released late January 2014. 

Missouri Minimum Wage is also expected to change for January 1, 2014.

For your information National Safety Compliance also publishes a list online of all states and their most recent Major change.  Make sure you remain up-to-date to ensure compliance with state and federal posting requirements.

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