Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Georgia and West Virginia Minor Changes

Even at this time of year there are changes being made to various required postings.  The majority of posting changes are effective January 1st and the public is made aware of these usually a couple months in advance.  As we get ready for the busy "labor law season" for November and December, we do not want to miss the changes that are occurring around us.

Georgia has made a minor change to its Workers' Compensation Bill of Rights.  They changed the maximum benefits based on another cost of living calculation.  They also removed the toll-free phone number listed for the Lawyer Referral Service.

Even less significant of a change was West Virginia changing the wording on the Wage Payment Collection posting.

Stay tuned to anymore changes in labor law postings across the United States.  If you are in need of the Federal Labor Law postings or your State Labor Law postings, National Safety Compliance has very reasonable prices.

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