Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Changes since January 1, 2013; Minor vs Major Changes!

As we enter the slower season for Labor Law Posting changes, we have over the course of the last couple months made several minor changes to existing postings.  Nebraska has removed the Omaha office location from its Minimum Wage Posting and now only the Lincoln office location is listed.  Nebraska also has a new website address on the Unemployment Insurance posting and a couple of paragraphs of expanded information. Pennsylvania had many changes, but none that reflected a law change:
The changes in the child labor Act posting are minor - there were no law changes. There are some differences in the regulations set forth by the department which promulgates the Child Labor Act, the Bureau of Labor Law Compliance. The posting was restructured to look more like the PA minimum wage posting. There was a large section removed which listed occupations prohibited for minors to work and a chart for minor performers was put in the posting instead.There are 4 places that the number of hours permitted to work changed and 2 places time of day changed.Two of the addresses for the Bureau offices changed. There are several places that are reworded but say the same information.
Tennessee also released a new Unemployment Insurance posting with Minor changes to include new web address (but older one still works), expanded filing information, and new layout design.
These are a few examples of minor changes that do not mandate an updated poster because they are not reflective of changes in the law.  Major changes are changes that occur in the posting(s) because of a change in the law.  When there is a Major change, an employer is required to post the new required information, usually within 30-60 days of the law change.  National Safety Compliance does an excellent job of posting any Major changes to their web site.  Most assuredly, they will provide the same accurate Major labor law changes for 2013.  I will also be attempting to keep you informed on this blog.

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