Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2013 Labor Law Posters Released

The time has finally come.  National Safety Compliance has started releasing state posters to be shipped.  They have started with Florida and Arizona, which both have a Major change to the Minimum Wage postings.  This requires anyone in Florida or Arizona to ensure they are posting the new Minimum Wage poster effective January 1, 2013.  For more details regarding what is also required for these states, visit florida.laborlawposter.us or arizona.laborlawposter.us

Also to be released was Idaho and Delaware.  Neither of these states had any changes for 2013 to mandate a new poster for companies in these states.

Alaska, Hawaii and Maine have also been released for 2013 with Minor changes.  These Minor changes to not mandate a change of posters, for those who currently display the 2012 labor law posters.  If you are in need of some additional posters, this would be a great time to purchase, since they would be the most up-to-date accurate posters.

Check back soon for additional posters that will be released.

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