Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 State Labor Law Posters

As we start the new year it is wise for an employer to review all the Labor Postings at their workplace to ensure they are in compliant with all state and Federal mandated posters. Many states had Major changes to their poster effective this month. The following states had an increase in Minimum Wage, which requires an updated poster: AZ, CO, FL, MT, NH, OH, OR, VT & WA. Other states added new required postings - CT added the Paid Sick Leave posting and NJ added the Employer Obligation to Maintain & Report Records. Other states may have updated laws that dictated a change in the posting information, such as California's Discrimination & Harassment in Employment has been updated and California's Family Medical Leave Act has been updated for 2012.

These are several examples of Major changes that can happen in your state. To keep up to date you may Opt-In to Email Notifications of Major changes to your state and Federal required postings.

National Safety Compliance
has released all 2012 State & Federal Labor Law Posters for shipping, except LA, OR & HI - these state agencies have not released the updated information.

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