Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Oregon Labor Law Poster Released

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries has released the new Minimum Wage posting for 2012. National Safety Compliance has made all necessary changes to its #LP9OR - 2012 Oregon Labor Law Poster - Laminated and it is now shipping. The following are the Major changes that the state of Oregon has made to its required postings:

Minimum Wage has increased for 2012.
Agricultural Minimum Wage has also increased for 2012.
Family Leave Act has also had a Major change to its content - added text regarding same-gender domestic partner's children and parents.
There have been several Minor changes to the postings to ensure it is the most accurate poster for the state of Oregon.

Please remember this poster includes all required postings by the state of Oregon, but employers must also post the #LP9FED - Federal Labor Law Poster to suffice Federal regulations. These posters, along with all state posters, are available for purchase from National Safety Compliance at a very reasonable price. The only 2012 State Labor Law Posters not released are for Hawaii & Louisiana.

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  1. The law requires all businesses, small or large and all other employers to post their labor law posters at the workplace all the time. The employers are expected to display these posters at convenient and strategic places within the work area where they are readily accessible and visible to all the employees.