Monday, January 26, 2009

Spanish Federal FMLA

The revisions to the federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) became effective January 16, 2009. These revisions include expanded instructions for employee responsibility for notification, definition for “serious health condition,” guidelines for employers while assessing the leave request for FMLA eligibility, and the medical certification process.

The English version of the employer posting was made available December 18, 2008. On January 16, 2009 the federal Department of Labor removed the unrevised Spanish version from their website. Per a Department of Labor source, the new FMLA Spanish version poster is awaiting language approval. As soon as this is made available, the National Safety Compliance federal Spanish labor law poster will be updated and shipments to customers will begin.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Labor Law Posters - FAQ

Here at National Safety Compliance we get hundreds of calls each day and many questions about the state and federal requirements for labor law posters. Here we will attempt to discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about the required labor law postings.

1. How do I know what I need to post?

Each different state and the federal government have different posting requirements. These requirements are also different for different types and sizes of businesses. NSC has combined the most common postings onto "all-on-one" posters. There is a separate poster for each state and the federal postings. Therefore, to be in compliance with all of the requirements, each employer will need to post the federal labor law poster and a state labor law poster for their specific location. Additionally, at the time of your purchase, depending on your state, you may be asked specific questions about your business. These questions help us make sure we send you the correct postings.

You can research all of the requirements at the different state and federal website or you can just allow us to do the research for you. You can view the summary of our research by clicking the links above.

2. I have a labor law poster. How do I know if I need to update it?

State and federal labor law posting requirements change frequently. Some of these changes are relatively minor and do not require a new poster. However, some of these changes are major and do require employers to replace their old posting.

The most recent change that affects most employers is the new federal FMLA posting. This completely revised Family and Medical Leave Act posting will be required beginning January 16, 2009. If you do not have this new posting, please visit this link: 2009 Federal Labor Law Poster

State labor law changes are different for each state. To view a listing of these changes, please vist this listing of state labor law poster changes.

3. Do I have to post the workplace posters in languages other than English?

Each state has different requirements about labor law postings in languages other than English. Most states do not provide postings in any other language. Those states that have them available will only require them to be posted if an employer has employees who speak those other languages.

The Federal goverment does provide posting in Spanish and some other languages. Here is their statement. "Where an employer's workforce is comprised of a significant portion of workers who are not literate in English, the employer shall be responsible for providing the notice in a language in which the employees are literate." Spanish posters are available when you order your English postings.

4. Where in my place of business am I required to post posters?

Generally, workplace posters must be displayed or posted in a conspicuous place where they are easily visible to all employees -- the intended audience. However, posters must also be posted where they are visible by employment applicants. To meet these requirements, employers may need to display posters in more than one location at facility. Common places to post labor law posters, include, breakrooms, by time clocks, HR offices, and bulletin boards.

For more informaiton about labor law posters, please feel free to comment or ask questions on this blog. We will try to reply in a timely manner.